Colorful scenery you can find only on Earth

A couple of months ago, I took an abstract/intimate landscape photo that I was happy with, and some people have asked me how it was made. It’s a somewhat tricky image to parse, so today I thought I could go behind the scenes and show how I took it.

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With a large cluster of services provided under our agency, we strive to deliver the best photographs that will delight you. From pageant headshots to wedding photos and even beyond, we can provide a variety of services in the region.

About Markfarmer Photography

Hi, this is Mark and I welcome you to my world of photography. Throughout my career, I realized how important is it to make a career out of your passion. This made me a professional when it comes to photography and my skills increased yearby year. Now, my photography techniques can easily exceed the expectation of the clients. I strive to provide different types of photographs in a perfect manner. I strongly believe that best photographs are ones that are taken with an aim to achieve perfection.
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Being a professional wedding photographer, my style of photography has been the preferred choice for many clients in the region. I strongly walk on the norms of perfection and nothing less. I believe that the ideal way to shoot weddings or photograph is by including candid or photographing in an unobtrusive manner. Having shot hundreds of weddings, I have gained knowledge on how to capture moments in a natural way instead of constructing them with directions and guidelines. Though I am always up for different poses and photographs, I do play a major part in capturing rare and sweet moments of a wedding.
For instance, I would like to capture kids playing around the bride and groom, family smiling and talking during an eating session, a small joke and a capture of that unexpected laugh and many such moments.


There is hardly anything as precious as enjoying moments with a little baby in a house. Be it the arrival of the newborn, those first steps, that first laugh or any other such moments, all moments turn out to be a memory we could have cherished forever. You can make it possible now. With the help of my baby photography, I try to help parents live and relive the moments with their little angels. Let’s know how to Ido it.

Finding something new in each photoshoot, I have always been a lookout for baby photography. One of my favorite niches, baby photography has helped me to witness the beauty of life inside out. And this is what I try to show to my clients during the photoshoots. I believe that only passion and experience can help us to create timeless, beautiful, and soft images of little ones that portray so much more than just colors.


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