Wedding Shoot


Being a professional wedding photographer, my style of photography has been the preferred choice for many clients in the region. I strongly walk on the norms of perfection and nothing less. I believe that the ideal way to shoot weddings or photograph is by including candid or photographing in an unobtrusive manner. Having shot hundreds of weddings, I have gained knowledge on how to capture moments in a natural way instead of constructing them with directions and guidelines. Though I am always up for different poses and photographs, I do play a major part in capturing rare and sweet moments of a wedding.

For instance, I would like to capture kids playing around the bride and groom, family smiling and talking during an eating session, a small joke and a capture of that unexpected laugh and many such moments. These things are what make my wedding photography a true gem in my skill set. The photos that get developed will help you remember the most precious moments and some memories that you would have forgotten if not for my photography techniques.

My wedding photography is based on the norms of humor and emotion. I never shy away from cracking a joke just to get that click showering happiness through the still. I also love capturing real emotions on a special day, especially surrounding the families of the bride and groom. Capturing real emotions help make my photography more sensible and memorable.

I usually avoid setting up forced emotions. You can’t ask someone to feel sad or happy unless he or she really feels so from inside. And this also spoils the picture as false emotions pics are easy to detect. Capturing the moments that really happened during the special day gives a good feeling. This is much better than remembering how the photographer set up the emotions in the picture.

When it comes to a wedding day, I believe that honesty is the foremost thing.Pertaining to this, and my team I arrive even before the gathering starts. This also helps us to set up our equipment and click photos of the arrangement, decoration, and other items. If you wish to see a demo of my work or simply talk about your requirement, you can give me a call or shoot a mail.