Hey guys!!! It’s another beautiful day here in South Carolina. I decided to talk a little about using flash. Most photographers know about the MAGIC HOUR. Basically it’s the hour at sunrise and sunset when the light is perfect. Unfortunately that doesn’t really work if you have more than one shoot and only two hours to split.

Flash is the answer. I carry two must haves with me on every shoot. One is a camera mounted flash with HSS (high speed sync) capability and two are my off camera self contained battery strobes ( namely Baja b4s).

With these in my arsenal I can shoot anywhere at anytime.

The above photo was taken at 12:00am at 1/8000 using high speed sync.

You can see that with the shutter speed being so fast, the light doesn’t have a chance to wash everything thing out. I am also at a 1.8 aperture which allows my subject to stay in focus but give me a little blur for the background, so she can stay the focus of the picture. You need that flash otherwise she would appear dark on the picture. With flash you are normally at 200 max on shutter speed. Anything over 200 will result in half of the picture being black . This is due to the shutter curtain moving faster than the light hitting the camera.

HSS enabled flash makes the light strobe very fast which will catch the split in the curtain at the right time to result in a great shot.


I was collaborating with a dress designer at Korrin Art. She specializes in large trains on dresses which we affectionately call parachute dresses. Taking them on a windy day would be fantastic except you have to worry about your models hair and if the wind is upwind our downwind from the angle you need for good light.

Beating the wind problem

I have found that using electric battery powered leaf blowers and having about three pair of extra hands (helpers) works. I shoot at about 1/1000 to freeze motion and while the dress is being held out we put the blower under neath and just when it goes high the helpers run and I snap the shot.

This brings the dress to life and allows your model to be enveloped in this magic fabric.

Model credit: Kinsley Breeland
Dress: Korrina Leanyvar